About The Funding Portal

The Funding Portal is Canada’s national bilingual e-commerce platform and one-window gateway to improve access to government funding and business financing. The Portal aggregates more than 7,000 sources of funding within a free searchable database—more than 4,500 government sources and 2,500 private solutions—representing more than $30 billion in available funding for your business, hospital, university, charity or non-profit. The Portal has also built a pan-Canadian Roster of funding experts to assist you with your application, and offers a full range of Data & Analytics reports informing the funding process.

The Funding Portal responds to a serious need in the market: businesses, including their national industry associations, investors and bankers, report that they have little or no understanding of government grants or business financing, nor do they have the resources or expertise to access them. What's more, funders report that 80% of applications are rejected for non-compliance.

Products & Services

Using the Portal's proprietary Find It search engine, organizations can find relevant government funding and access private financing programs in seconds rather than weeks, and then turn to the Portal's expert funding services—Apply for It, Score It and Leverage It— to guide them through the application process to success.

The Funding Portal's experts assist clients to find and secure the right type of Canadian government funding and private financing to meet their growth objectives, including: small business grants, business financing, start-up funding, loans, government grants, contributions, SR&ED and innovation tax credits, tax incentives, business funding, government funding, business grants, job creation funding, wage subsidies, industrial and regional benefits (IRBs), loan guarantees, private investment, financing solutions, equity investment, investment capital, commercial bank loans, venture capital (VC), angel investment, and other sources of private finance.

Watch a video to learn how three very different companies used The Funding Portal to find and secure grants and funding.

The Portal aims to:

  • Serve as an additional communications channel for government funders to the target business market;
  • Improve market awareness and transparency in government funding processes;
  • Assist applicants to move toward increased compliance with grant processes;
  • Improve applicant success rates and funding outcomes;
  • Assist both business and government funders to migrate to more consistent and better practices.


The Funding Portal is a Canadian private corporation, designed and built in Canada. The Portal's shareholders are experienced in building and investing in e-business. The Company is not seeking investors at this time.

What industry leaders are saying about The Funding Portal

Elio LuongoKPMG works with the Portal to provide access to Canada's rich array of government and tax incentive programs. In today's changing economic landscape, sourcing financing from these programs can give our clients the edge they need to take their business to the next level.

- Elio Luongo, Canadian Managing Partner, Tax, KPMG

John ReidOur members report significant challenges identifying the government funding programs that exist and in complying with the application processes—they welcome the launch of The Funding Portal.

 - John Reid, President & CEO, Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance

Deborah WeinsteinThe Funding Portal is an amazing new tool to assist our clients to access government funding to leverage their growth objectives. Find It and the Portal's Roster save enormous amounts of time and add tremendous value for companies seeking business funding.

 - Deborah Weinstein, Partner, LaBarge Weinstein LLP


National Advisory Council

The Funding Portal hosts a National Advisory Council that has a mandate to facilitate dialogue among government funders and business people about improvements to government grants and tax incentive programs in Canada. Specific objectives include identifying tools and solutions to streamline government grant application processes, reduce wait times associated with government funding decisions, and increase the percentage of government funding that is distributed to the business community. Our National Advisory Council includes:

Georgina Steinsky-Schwartz Georgina Steinsky-Schwartz, Council Chair, has served as Associate Deputy Minister in the federal Department of Regional and Industrial Expansion and as Deputy Minister of Supply and Services. She is a recipient of the Public Policy Forum Award for improving the quality of government in Canada. Her experience includes work aimed at improving the operational effectiveness of public, private and non-profit organizations, including the implementation of new technologies.

Jayson MyersJayson Myers is the President and CEO of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME). Myers notes: “Access to financing remains a top challenge for Canadian manufacturers. By establishing an online, one-window access point, The Funding Portal is helping companies fuel their growth, and drive their research and development efforts.”

Glenn O'FarrellGlenn O'Farrell is a dynamic, senior executive (CEO, VP) with more than 20 years of high impact contributions in the Canadian media sector. He is a proven business leader who has built and led successful local and national new start-up media businesses. He is also a legal and regulatory industry expert with extensive national and international networks across business, government and NGOs.

Leo LaxLeo Lax is the former CEO of Skypoint Capital, a Venture Capital firm investing in the telecommunications, social media and IT sectors. Prior to founding Skypoint Capital, Mr. Lax was an executive at Newbridge Networks where he launched and directed the Newbridge Affiliates Program. Mr. Lax sits on a number of boards in the innovation sector, both in Canada and internationally, including TransGaming, Mobio Technologies, TeloIP, and My6Sense. He is a graduate of McGill University (Electrical Engineering) and received his Master of Engineering degree from Royal Military College.

Kevin SheaKevin Shea  is the Chair of the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC), an agency of the Ontario Ministry of Culture and one of the key catalysts and sources of public funding for the cultural media cluster, including book publishing, film, television, interactive digital media, magazine publishing and music industries.

The Funding Portal's organizational chart

The Funding Portal's organizational chart