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Service Provider


Bring Funding Portal tools and solutions to your customers and stakeholders.

Pick the Distribution Partner Model that works best for your organization

Partner with The Funding Portal to build your customer offerings and product portfolio. More than 17,000 companies use our tools and solutions to secure funding each month.

Resellers and Channel Partners

You are a business solutions provider, data aggregator, dealer, consulting firm or vendor.

You want to resell branded or private label versions of our funding reports and services.

SIGN a reseller or channel partner agreement

Our current resellers include:

Globe & Mail (a Thomson Reuters Company)

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Platform Partners

You are an accounting firm, stock exchange, media platform, or business development bank.

You want to position your organization as the go-to site for companies looking for news, data, and help securing funding.

HOST a funding micro-portal on your website

Our current platform hosts include:

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters


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Search Tool Hosts

You are an industry association, incubator or government funding agency.

You want to enable your clients, customers or members to use The Funding Portal SEARCH tool on your website to source funding for their organization.

LICENSE Funding Portal Search

Our current licensees include:

Toronto Region Board of Trade

Information Technology Association of Canada


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